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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top 10 Sexiest Male K-POP Idols

This time around, we’ll be tackling the top 10 sexiest males! Thank you to Korean magazines for giving us super sexy photoshoots. And a bigger thank you to the male idols for taking their shirts off for said photoshoots. Choosing just 10 idols was extremely hard but we somehow managed to narrow our top choices down.

Top 10 K-Pop Maknaes

A successful K-Pop group is made up of many elements but two are absolutely essential — a leader and a maknae. We already covered the Top 10 K-Pop leaders so it’s the maknae’s turn this time!

Top 10 K-Pop Leaders

Leaders are the backbone of every K-Pop group. They bring the members together, start the group’s introduction, and generally act like the mom or dad.
Here are the top 10 leaders in K-Pop!

Our favorite “baddest female Seoul City ever had” is fierce when rapping and her style is unchallenged but CL’s actually the second youngest in 2NE1. …She still keeps the maknae and the two unnis in line!

Through various member line-up changes and plagiarism accusations, Kahi‘s determination and ability as a leader has truly stood out. Though she’s busy with her solo debut, Kahi‘s always looking out for her After School members as the big sister of the group!

CN Blue‘s Yong Hwa may not have been the original leader of CN Blue (that title goes to Jong Hyun) but his success in acting and variety shows has caused CN Blue‘s popularity to skyrocket. Through We Got Married and You’re Beautiful, Yong Hwa’s influence makes it seem like CN Blue‘s been around forever — they just debuted in Korea in 2010!

Yes, Doo Joon’s the leader of one of the hottest boy bands around but when it comes to failing, he’s almost as bad as SHINee’s Onew. What is it with all of these clumsy leaders? But…Beast‘s Doo Joon has successfully held his group together from when they shone as rookies and now as they sell out solo concerts!

SHINee‘s lovable, full-of-fail, leader can be seen waking up early to make Taemin breakfast before school…when he isn’t tripping over clotheslines or his own feet. “Onew Sangtae” aside, Onew’s the oldest in SHINee and he uses his hyung status on the other members when needed.

From 13 members to 12 (Kibum’s leave of absence) to 11 (Kangin’s military service) to 10 (Hang Geng’s departure), Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has been working overtime as leader. Known for being kind-hearted (and having an amazing laugh) even Heechul’s praised him saying that Leeteuk always puts the members in front of himself.

SS501‘s Hyun Joong lands on our list as the only leader of a group that isn’t actively promoting but he’s said in a recent interview that he frequently reaches out to the other members to check on their status. The 4-D leader is blunt and honest as always so Hyung Joong doesn’t reveal anything certain about their future but still shows the fans that he’s always thinking about their reunion!

TVXQ‘s Yunho‘s gone from leading a five-member group to a two-member group but he’s taken it into stride by funneling all of his caring nature into Changmin. When you think leader, Yunho‘s image always seems to come to mind.

G-Dragon‘s essentially the leader of a group of solo artists which probably would have made his life a lot more difficult if everyone wasn’t so close. Either way, G-Dragon stands out among the variety of personalities while at the same time meshing them together for a one of a kind super group.

Girls’ Generation‘s “kid” leader has kept all nine members going strong since their debut without any serious problems. She may have considered stepping down in the past but she knows that Girls’ Generation needs someone to bring out the best in them and Taeyeon’s the perfect person for the job!