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Sunday, June 26, 2011

2PM Parties It Up In “Hands Up!”

The boys of 2PM are back in Korea, and they’ve shed the angst and heartbreak for a much more stylish and fun concept with their latest album Hands Up.

The title track, “Hands Up,” is already panning out to be this summer’s party anthem, with its repetitive melodies and addictive club beats. They’ve gone for a simpler, more playful choreography this time, boosting the song’s appeal with their infinite energy, as seen in the music video (below).

 The 12-track album is full of treats for Hottests who have been patiently waiting for the boys to return from their Japanese promotions.
The album contains their past hits like “Without U” and “I’ll Be Back,” but the new songs are also a testament to 2PM’s growth as artists. Two tracks, “Give It To Me” and “Hot,” were written by members Junho and Junsu, respectively.

1. Hands Up
2. Electricity
3. Give It To Me 
4. Like a Movie 
5. You Don’t Know.
6. Hot
7. Without You
8. I’ll Be Back
9. I Can’t 
10. Hands Up (East4A Mix)
11. Electricity (220v Remix)
12. Thank You
13. Don’t Stop

2PM — “Hands Up” MV
 Photos :


T-ara Goes Retro For “Roly Poly!“

T-ara will be making their comeback on July 1st with their new album, John Travolta Wannabe.
Why John Travolta, you ask?
Well, their upcoming title track “Roly Poly” is said to have been inspired by Korea’s 7080 glory period of disco and is hugely influenced by Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever.
Core Contents Media has released the music video teaser and album concept images, and it’s clear that these girls are taking bokko (Korean for retro) to a new extreme. It’s like 7080 overload!
The music video will star actress Im Ye Jin and T-ara’s Boram’s father Jeon Youngrok, who were two of Korea’s hottest teen stars back in the 70s. It will be their first time working together after 30 years!
In the “Roly Poly” teaser video, T-ara gives us a glimpse of the choreography, which features old-school dances like the hustle, the diamond, and the ABC. It’s anticipated to be a huge hit — a nationally-popular song that anyone from their 20s to their 50s can enjoy.

Check it out:

 T-ara — “Roly Poly” MV Teaser

T-ara — John Travolta Wannabe Album Concept Photos


Will Big Bang’s Daesung Go To Jail?

It’s been almost a full month since Korea and the world of K-pop was hit with the news that Big Bang‘s Daesung was involved in a deadly car crash on the night of May 31.
Earlier today, police released the shocking results of their investigation at a press conference. Their conclusion? Daesung is responsible for the death of the motorcyclist.

Prior to contact with Daesung’s car, the motorcylist drove into a lamppost and was on the ground suffering severe injuries to his face, neck, and back.
According to autopsy results, the motorcyclist had been driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.186% (The legal limit is 0.05%).
Security footage from the taxi’s black box camera revealed that a mere 132 seconds later, Daesung’s car ran over the motorcyclist, dragging him 28.8 meters from where he had been lying.
Daesung was driving between 10 to 20 km over the speed limit and was not under the influence of alcohol.
Police have named Daesung the main cause of the motorcyclist’s death, due to their belief that the motorcyclist could not have died in the two minutes between hitting the lamppost and being run over by Daesung’s car.

“We have come to the conclusion that at the time of the accident, Daesung neglected to look forward to see the injured motorcyclist on the road, which caused multiple damages leading to the motorcyclist’s death at the scene [source].

And with that, they have handed the case over to prosecutors and recommended Daesung’s indictment. Legal consequences range from a jail sentence of no more than five years to a 20 million won (~20,000 US dollars).
So what does this mean? Will Daesung have to go to jail?
It’s pure speculation on my part, but I’m leaning towards a (very hopeful) no. Previous reports by Korean media referenced legal experts who revealed that in past similar situations (celebs and non-celebs alike), the guilty party was sentenced with probation and a hefty fine, but no real jail time.
Yonhap News spoke with Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, who said that Daesung will accept moral responsibility and follow all legal procedures. As would be expected, all of Daesung’s activities have temporarily been halted.
G-Dragon, TOP, Seungri, and Taeyang will be performing without Daesung at the Big Bang mini-concert in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 25th. According to YG Entertainment reps, the mini-concert, along with a few other scheduled activities will proceed without Daesung, in order to keep the promise made with Big Bang fans. Aside from those promotions, the future of the other members’ activities is unclear. Looks like Big Bang’s break after their Japanese tour is getting an open-ended extension…
Even if Daesung isn’t sentenced to jail time, don’t expect to see him on the television screens anytime soon. Not that netizens would ever sit by and let that happen. He’ll definitely be laying low for a long period of time, unless some broadcasting station suddenly decides to pick up Daesung’s drama “What’s Up,” which completed its filming earlier this year. Which they probably won’t. And if it does air, it’ll just be pre-recorded episodes of a happy-go-lucky carefree version of Daesung who has no idea what’s about to happen to him… I don’t think I could handle watching that.
K-pop fans are already mourning the unfortunate fate of Korea’s hottest boy band and are nervously waiting to see how this unbelievable state of affairs will play out. What worries fans the most is how Daesung will deal with the emotional fallout from the accident

M&D (Heechul & Jungmo) Release “Close Your Mouth”

Super Junior‘s Heechul and the TRAX‘s Jungmo have teamed up to form SM Entertainment‘s newest project group, M&D.
Heechul introduced the group on Twitter as “a selfish team that breaks up hundreds of times a day, isn’t refreshing or cute, has a dirty personality, and does what it wants to do.”
Their debut song, “Close Ur Mouth,” composed and arranged by musical genius Jungmo and written by Heechul, fits Heechul’s summary to a tee (The Korean title literally translates to “What are you looking at?).
In the song, a guy who was just dumped tries to get back at his ex-girlfriend by telling her off. He basically turns the breakup around, explaining that he’s cool with it because there are plenty of girls who want him (and no guys chasing after her). Psh, boys and their pride.
Not exactly the kind of lyrics we’re used to hearing from SM artists — but that’s basically the point of this whole project: for Jungmo and Heechul to pursue their own unique interests in music. They’re planning to release song after song, for as long as they can, in any genre they choose.
For this one, they’ve gone with what SM Entertainment has called disco rock, and fans are already anticipating M&D’s next digitial single.
Having full control over their music must not have been enough artistic freedom for Heechul because he went on to direct and produce the “Close Ur Mouth” music video, which was filmed at a karaoke bar in Seoul.
He called on celeb buddies Supreme Team’s Simon D, F.T. Island’s Hongki and Jonghun, BEAST’s Junhyung, comedian Kim Kyungjin, and Miss A’s Jia to make special appearances in the video, and the response has been hot!
Watch it below:

M&D — “뭘봐 (Close Ur Mouth)”

M&D “Close Ur Mouth” UCC Video Contest!
 SM Entertainment’s Facebook page has revealed the details for “The 1st, Big Star of the Universe Heechul Kim’s ‘뭘봐(Close Ur Mouth)’ UCC (UGC) Music Video Contest!”
Fans can send their own original music videos for M&D’s “Close Ur Mouth” to SM Entertainment, and the duo themselves will choose the winning video.
The winner will receive M&D goodies, including a pair of slippers with Heechul’s drawing!

See contest details here.