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Monday, July 11, 2011

[Info] Super Junior started the rehearsal for their new song!

Kenny Wormald has confirmed on his official Twitter account that Super Junior's members are rehearsing the choreography for their new song.

Kenny is the choreographer of Mirotic and featured in BoA's Energetic and Eat you up MVs while Trent Dickens helped with the Sorry Sorry choreography.

The 10 richest 2nd generation idols revealed!

Well,many korean celebrities earn big money after making their official debut,but have you imagined that they actually came from rich families,check out the videos below to see which celebrities are on the list?

10.SNSD's Soo Young
9.Jung Il Woo
8.2PM's Nichkhun
7.Super Junior's Sung Min
6.Bae Doo Na
5.Super Junior's Siwon
4.Kang Dong Won
3.Lee Seo-Jin
2.Lee Billy
1.Eun Ji Won

Infinite, releases first full album jacket photos "manly + sexy retro look"

Group Infinite has revealed their first full length album jacket photo which shows off their masculine beauty.

On the 11th, Infinite showed off their charms and over-flowing charisma through their first full length album jacket photo which is set to be released mid-July.

In the photo, Infinite is seen with a geometrical patterned suit with a hairstyle that emphasizes their manly charms which is a transformations from their previous bubbly selves. Through this, fans expectations of the new album and their performance is getting bigger.

Also, the Infinite members are posing in their own way which shows their personality. Their confident expressions and strong charisma are catching the eyes of many.

With a new transformation which presents the idol standards, Infinite's sexy masculine beauty is become the focus of all interests.

A represesntative from Infinite's company has showed their confidence by stating "Through this upcoming album Infinite not only has expanded the spectrum for their music side but also for the visuals, performance and all other categories. The jacket photo is the first transformation we have shown. Please look forward to the rest".

On the other hand, Infinite who has a Japanese showcase ahead, has a record for all tickets being sold out on the day of the opening. They will be opening their first showcase on the 17th in Osaka and Tokyo on the 19th.

SHINee's Onew and Minho's final goodbye in Music Core was fun

Aired last July 9th with their co-MC Ji Yeon (T-ara) and Suzy (Miss A) and finally realizing that it's their last time being on the show, they stated "Actually, I realized that this is gonna be the last time I'm gonna be in here and in the short time that I have been in here I have so much fun".

They continued by saying, "I would still be monitoring each hour of Music Core episodes and I will be watching all of you!"

In addition Minho said, "It's such an honor to be an MC in Music Core eventhough it's only a short period of time". "I will be back in such a good shape in the future so please watch out for me/us" he added

Unfortunately the bouquet of flowers that are given to Onew and Minho marks the end of their final episode in Music Core.

Meanwhile the performers of Music Core for the episode are 2pm, 2ne1, T-ara, Secret, f(x), Jang Woo Hyuk, Rainbow, Eight, CSJH Dana & Sunday, Ming Yeonghun, Mighty Mouth, ZE:A, Boyfriend, Girl's Day, Rania, etc.

[INFO] Idols with the best swimsuit body as chosen by Inkigayo magazine

Idols with the best swimsuit body as chosen by Inkigayo magazine in their monthly survey by participating artists/staff.

Female idols
#1 - Uie(After School)
#2 - Bora (Sistar)

#3 - Nana (After School)

#4 - Victoria (f(x))

#5 - Yuri (SNSD)

Male idols
#1 - Joon (MBLAQ)
#2 - Jay Park
#3 - Nichkhun (2PM)
#4 - Gikwang (B2ST)
#5 - Jo Kwon (2AM)

Kim Hyun Joong in Manila this August!

After many speculations, it has been confirmed that Kim Hyun Joong will hold album tour in Philippines on August 25.
PolyEast Records the organizer of the said event, confirmed it from their facebook page tha they will bring the famous "Boys Over Flower" boy in Manila. Kim Hyun Joong will invade Manila to promote his "Break Down" album and for the "HIGH-FIVE" touch event.
Further details like venue and other updates will be posted in PolyEast Record's FB Page.

[Video] TVXQ - Superstar PV Making + Preview

TVXQ's 1st Japanese single "Superstar" PV making and preview.
We can take a glimpse TVXQ boys dancing in all white..
Let's wait for the release.

Superstar will be release on July 20.

[NEWS]'Daesung, Don't cry!' British fans sang to encourage Daesung

'Daesung, Don't cry!'

In London of Britain, there was a song sung to Daesung, the member of Big Bang, in view of encouraging him.

In order to make an apeal to YGE for organizing conerts in Britain, a series of flash mobs were carried out on 9th, 3pm (International time). It was done in Trafalgar Square of London (in front of the National Gallery) , on Golden Jubilee Bridges(above River Thames) and in front of the London Eye. And a parade which was about 1.6 km long had been marching near the Korea Embassy in Britain and the landmarks.

On their chest and back and also on their bags, papers on which the faces of Big Bang and 2NE1 members, YG Entertainment's president Yang Hyun Suk are printed can be found. There were about 300 fans of differecnt races atteneded the event. They were also holding placards with words like, 'Bring YG to the UK' and 'YG is the best' , 'I love you' and ' YG is cool' (all were written in Korean) The lollipop candies of 2NE1 were also brought by the fans to the venues.

'Bring YG to the UK' event was initated during 'Thames Festival'. The event aims at persuading the South Korean artists of YGE tocarry out concerts in Britain. The participants who took a leading role in organzing this event were mostly teeagers in their 10's and they care about their idols just like how the fans of South Korea do. Through this event, we can see how passionate British fans are.

The fans first danced according to the songs of Big Bang and 2NE1, 'Fire', 'High High', 'I don't care', 'Love Song' 'Clap your hands' as their warm-up exercises. They then did the event in the centre of the square during the exciting festival. The most impressive part was when the fans sang for Daesung in order to encourage this singer of YGE. The melody of this powerful yet sweet song was played at the scene suddenly.

Later, a A4 paper with the lyrics of the song has been shared by the fans. After receiving the paper, the fans began to sing. The song, 'Baby Don't Cry' belongs to the member, Daesung whose activities have been suspended due to his involvement in a traffic accident so the fans sang to express their concerns to him. At the end of the song, the fans said, 'Daesung, Fighting!', 'Daesung, I love you!', and 'Daesung, Don't Cry!' etc, loudly.

After the event, the sub coordinator of this event, the person in charge of Big Bang UK fan club said, ' the people who came were full of energy and even though the number of people was not as high as expected.Those who came showed true passion-and that the best moment was singing for Daesung.'

In the event, , 'Lollipop (2NE1 & Big Bang)', 'Fire' (2NE1), 'HOT "(a one-time),' Strong Baby '(Seungri),' Clap Your Hands '(2NE1),' Better Together "(Seven), 'Tonight' (Big Bang), 'Love Song' (Big Bang), 'Baby Don't Cry' (Dae Sung), 'Wedding Dress English version' (Taeyang), 'I Don't Care' (2NE1) , 'I'm Having an affair' (GG), 'Last Farewell' ( Big Bang), 'Digital Bounce' (Seven), 'HIGH HIGH' (G-Dragon-Top), 'Can 't Nobody English version ' (2NE1), 'I Am The Best' (2NE1),and other hit songs of YG artists were sung.

[Audio] Miss A revealed new teaser for comeback 'Good Bye Baby'

Miss A released audio teaser of 'Good Bye Baby' for their next comeback. You can access their official site and listening there, or here!

Philippine Petals' successful bday greeting for Kim Heechul!

PH Petals organized a video greeting for celebrating Kim Heechul's 29th birthday today.
They placed a video greeting at the largest mall in the Philippines "Mall Of Asia".

Thru this way, PHPetals (Heechul fans in Philippines) showed their loving support for Space Big Star Heechul.

The video greeting held in famous Mall of Asia's Globe, the showing of video started at 8PM KST. The precious moment was witnessed by Petals/ELF and even by standers around.

happy B-day Kim Heechul!

watch here:

[Video] I Don't Care,B1A4's version!


5 cute boys of B1A4 sing along when 2NE1's I Don't Care is played in the car.

Check out the video clip below,they sure have a lot of fun!