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Friday, June 24, 2011

MTV’s Match Up Premieres B1A4 & Block B’s New MVs!

The first episode of MTV Korea’s Match Up aired on June 22, revealing the music videos for B1A4‘s “Only Learned the Bad Things” and Block B‘s “Tell Them,” which have been simultaneously unveiled on various music portal sites.

This comes just in time for B1A4′s follow-up promotions with “Only Learned the Bad Things,” as well as the release of Block B’s first mini-album, New Kids on the Block.

Block B — “가서 전해 (Tell Them)”

“Tell Them” is a bright and edgy hip-hop/pop track about. It’s no “Halo,” but it’s nice to see that Block B’s versatile enough to pull off heavier songs like “Wanna B” and flawlessly transition into a more idol-esque (if I may) party song. Still can’t believe it’s only been a couple months since their debut, because they sure as hell don’t sound like rookies.

B1A4 — “못된 것만 배워서 (Only Learned The Bad Things)”

“Only Learned The Bad Things” adds an element of R&B and showcases the members’ gentle charisma, toning down the energy level and adding a bit of sophistication to their vocals.
Rapper Baro stars in the music video as the stereotypical blood-type-B boyfriend. In Korea, guys with blood type B have a reputation of being temperamental and selfish, but Baro makes it a lovable and surprising quality.

Usually product placement pisses me off — take the drama City Hunter for example (don’t get me started) — but in the case of Block B and B1A4′s new music videos, I guess we should be thanking Tropicana Sparkling for taking it upon themselves to sponsor MTV’s Match Up and supporting these rookies.
The first episode has garnered lots of interest in both B1A4 and Block B. Fans (and soon-to-be fans) were able to learn more about the 12 members and see what they’re actually like offstage. The episode featured early morning dorm invasions with Baro’s pink laundry slip-up, pants-less Jaeho, an impromptu reggae session with ZICO and P.O, clumsy and painstakingly adorable Gongchan, and exclusive footage of filming for both music videos!
What do you guys think of the new MVs?