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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SHINee Minho goes Blonde?

Shock with his appearance? Easy girls, he's not really turn to be a blonde!Fan edited his photo and changed his hair to blonde. It turned out good right?
SHINee were doing their new mv for the next Japanese single, Julliette Japanese version. Do you prefer the blonde ones or keep the brown ones for their next comeback, flames?

Super Junior KRY attending SS3 3D Showcase at Obaida Tokyo

Super Junior – the “long-distance lover” idols came to Japan, and 600 fans are the edge of panic. Super Junior is a male idol group from Korea, made up of 13 members. Because they don’t hold the event frequently in Japan, Super Junior are called as “long-distance lover” idols.

On the 5th of July, some of the members: Kyuhun, Ryowook, and Yesung came to “Super Show3 3D Premium event” at Odaiba-Tokyo. When they appeared, about 600fans were screaming with joy. And at the event, KRY stepped down from the stage and tried to touch their fans for service, some of fans ran up to them and it nearly messed up around there.

Super Show 3D has started from August 2010. It was held many Asian countries, and this movie filmed the live in Seoul with 3D camera. The Premium event held 3times in a day, about 1.800 inviters are chosen out of 10 thousand applicants.

At the stage, Ryowook said “I’m glad to meet you”, Kyuhun said “I’m coming to see you” in Japanese. And Yesung said jokily “Do you like me? Call me when you’re home.” in Japanese. And the event have a blast. Yesung was asked about the memory of the live in Japan, he answered “I met a lot of women who are my type.” for pay a compliment to the fans, and “I’m happy when I find the fan who has my name on banner”
They are given bamboo branches with strips of paper message for Super Junior from fan written on it*.

Super Junior debuted 2005 in Korea, started work in Taiwan in 2006, and Japan in 2007. They work as actor, model, singer, and they perform not only Asian countries, but also Europe and so on. “Bijin” which was released june 8th,marked 2nd at the Oricon chart.

The movie is screened in12 halls in Japan, till 15th July.

* Because July 7th is The Star Festival. It’s Japanese traditional event. The Star festival is an event originating from a Chinese legend, in which people present their wishes to the stars.

Preview of Tohoshinki in "anan"

Tohoshinki apprears in anan's front page for the first time. Jang Keunsuk, 2PM, all-star cast of Korean stars

2011-07-05 11:20:09

The Popular Artist Tohoshinki Appears in anan (Magazine House, to be on sale on July 6)

The theme for this month is "We cannot help loving them. All-star cast of Korean Stars!!!" The K-POP and Hanryu stars are not only for the core fans now . The whole issue will be full of their appearance.

The front page is Tohoshinki. They will appear in anan for the first time. In the opening pages, they are dressed in soft shirts and jeans, and show us their relaxed expressions, making us forget about the busy days.

◆Ten years later "I think he will be married"

A half a year has passed since they resumed their activities. Yunho, looking back at the rapidly passing days says in one word, "I am happy!"
Their new song “Superstar” will be digital released on July 6, and after that, they will participate in a-nation after one year’s absence. Their acitivites are speeding up.

Changmin, who was spending his days peacefully before resuming their activities heartily says "It is delightful that we can have so many activities." He is relying on the elder Yunho, and his seems to have a change of heart. He says "I am now able to honestly speak out my feelings. Maybe I seem to look a little bit nasty (lol)" He gave himself away.

And, when they imagined the 10 years later of each other, Yunho said "I think Changmin will be married." You can see the very good relationship of the 2 members, a must read interview for fans.

◆Jang Keunsuk, the hot topic!

In the magazine, in addition to Tohoshinki, the most hot topic stars, SHINee, 2PM,  BEAST, MBLAQ, ZE:A, THE BOSS, Yoo Ain, Park Jungmin, Jisung, and Hyonwoo appears one after another. The 4 pages’ study about Jang Keusuk, who came to Japan a few days ago and was the center of talks, is worthwile reading, too.

For this only one issue, there will be a special plan, we will give out 38 polaroid photos, and there will be presents of the stars' goodies which can only be purchased in Seoul. You will be completely satisfied by the charms of the Korean stars, who are now at the peak of their popularity. (Model Press)

■Tohoshinki New Single "Superstar"
The partial song will be digital released starting July 6!
There will be special benefits (period limited) for recochoku and mu-mo
※The release time will differ with each sites. Please check with the sites respectively.

Park Yoochun “SungKyunKwan Scandal vs Miss Ripley”- How Much Has He Matured?

Actor Park Yoochun, in his second acting challenge, has been praised for showing a charm and maturity in his acting that differs from his first drama. Park Yoochun announced his entrance into the acting world via last year’s KBS drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” and recently returned as “Song Yoo Hyun” the gentle conglomerate heir in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley.” In his previous role he played a rigid and critical “pretty rich boy,” and swept the KBS Drama Awards ‘ newcomer award as well as the best newcomer and popularity awards at the 47th Baeksang Art Awards, successfully debuting as an actor.
As a singer, Park Yoochun is one of the representative Korean idols, and now he puts his all into acting. After “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” he received numerous good scripts and acting invites but deliberated carefully before picking his next project. Despite being busy with group activities, he found time to study acting and undergo training. Therefore, the actor Park Yoochun in “Miss Ripley” has a more mature and seasoned feel.
As a rookie actor challenging drama for the first time in “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” Park Yoochun had already received reviews beyond expectations. In short, he “has great potential.” He brought life into the role of Lee Seon Joon, who was born into a rich family, a rigid man who possesses knowledge, manners and is talented in all fields, yet is confused when facing love for the first time. With a blend of gentle expressions and controlled acting, Park Yoochun successfully interpreted the process of growth and maturity in the critical young man. The audiences and even professionals gave him good reviews. He managed to get not one but two top acting awards for newcomers with his debut work.
Furthermore, in the recent “Miss Ripley,” Park Yoochun plays a charming but firm young man, which is similar to his previous role, but is interpreted perfectly as a distinctly different character. No longer strict, a friendly Park Yoochun displays a gentlemanliness and warmth towards everyone he meets. However, a cloud of mysterious sadness plagues him. His actions show his concern towards his wealthy background as well as the memories of his birth mother.

In a sense, when “Miss Ripley’s” Song Yoo Hyun (Park Yoochun) is compared to Lee Seon Joon in “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” his character seems more complex. Especially in the later part of the drama when Song Yoo Hyun finds out the true identity of Jang Miri whom he loves, the change in his emotions should be one of raw misery. At the crossroads where his fate hangs in a balance, how Song Yoo Hyun’s complex yet subtle emotional changes will be executed is something that people are looking forward to.
Entering into the world of acting through “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” whether Park Yoochun will be able to once again successfully perform with “Miss Ripley” is something to look out for.

[Video] Secret releases MV Making of "Starlight Moonlight"

Wanna see behind the scenes of Secret's Starlight Moonlight MV?
Video below reveals behind the scenes of Secret's new single "Starlight Moonlight" even funny takes and candid moments.

Standing Ovation For JYJ’s Junsu

JYJ’s Junsu successfully completed encore performances of the new legendary musical “Mozart!”
On 3 July, Junsu, who completed his last encore performance. In this final 3 hours, he danced across the stage, expressing happiness, sadness and anger, a wealth of emotions with his unique singing style, and basked in the standing ovation that the audience gave him for his outstanding performance.
After the final performance, Junsu said “Although this is not the first time (doing this performance,) but I’m happy to have been able to experience Mozart’s life. Mozart faced the pressures of the world’s anticipation, but beneath the glamorous life hides a hidden loneliness. Using the songs and performance, I feel like I was Mozart’s friend when he was still alive 300 years ago. To me, this stage bears a special meaning.” Also, “My heart feels heavy, having to part with “Mozart!” again. I feel like I give 120% in my performances for “Mozart!” and I’m really thankful for the audiences and the passionate support they have given me,” he expressed with deep emotion.
Junsu, who is one of the most anticipated new generation musical actors after his stellar performances in “Mozart!” and “Tears of Heaven,” revealed his improved skills in this encore performance. With his continous sell-out performances, he is now firmly placed as “Xiahzart” in the musical world.

[News] 2NE1 launches new site!

2NE1 launches new site!

Dara reveals in her me2day about 2NE1's new site.
Follow this link http://www.2ne10921.com/ did you see the countdown?

I guess many of you wondering what's the countdown for?
Well if we based from Dara's Me2Day update, seemed like 2NE1 will make a Japan Debut!
And the new site is maybe for their Japan activities!

Are you excited???

Individual Hoot's MVs of SNSD released!

Do you ever imagine SNSD to reveal individual MVs? Now made possible!
9 MVs/cuts for SNSD's "Hoot" just released featuring each of the girls!

Now you can enjoy Hoot solo MV (cuts) of your SNSD bias!

T-ara debuts to Japan, “The differences between SNSD, Kara and us are…”

T-ara held a press conference on the 5th at Tokyo Sibuya AX Hall before the showcase. When asked whether they have any pressure because of SNSD, and Kara actively performing in Japan, Soyeon answered, “I learned a lot from them. I received a lot of help since we are so close.”
She continued, “We are planning to study Japanese very hard, and work in all genres.”
Hyomin said, “We are debuting with ‘Bo beep Bo beep’, and our group’s strengths are the unique melodies and each member’s distinct expressions and charms.” “We’ll make the most of what we have, and attract more attention to K-pop, and we are trying to do just that.” showing her confidence.
When asked about Korean girl groups’ debuts to Japan, Soyeon answered, “I don’t think we are preparing anything particular just for Japan. We plan to perform as we did in Korea.” “SNSD, Kara, and 4-minute each have unique features, likewise, we will be focusing on our own unique quality.”
70,000 fans applied to see T-ara’s showcase, recording a competition of 46 to 1.
In the showcase, T-ara will be performing their new song Roly-Poly, and various hit songs: Why are you being like this?, I go crazy because of you, Yayaya, and Bo peep Bo peep.
T-ara ranked the top charts in various music sites in one day, as soon as they released their new song Roly-Poly.

2PM "I'm your Man" MV teaser unveiled!

2PM new Japanese single "I'm Your Man" MV teaser released!
Watch here:

Rain’s last concert before his military service: “I will pour out all of my energy in the concert”

Rain has successfully closed 2011 Rain Asia Tour the Best concert and begins his national concert tour in August.
On July 5, Rain’s agency says, “The national tour concert will be titled The Best Show, and it will begin on August 13 in Pusan. The tour continues in Daegu on August 27, Jeju Island on September 3, Gwangju on September 17, Daejeon on September 18, and Seoul on September 24 and 25.
Rain began his Asia Tour show in March visiting China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan with the fan participation of 100,000.
Rain prepares a special event for the national concert tour. He says, “I’m now talking with staff of the special event for the Korean fans who have supported me. I’m ready to pour out all of my energy into this.”
The advance sale of tickets begins on July 11 at Interpark website.


MBLAQ will release their 3rd mini album!!
Note of these dates!

On July 12, the audio teaser!
On July 15, release date!

Meanwhile here are the concept photos of the boys so far.. will update if new photos release! The concept will be more on historical masterpieces and legendary people.

Thunder The Boy George
Mir The Beatles
 Joon the Zorro

[VIDEO] "Top 5 Most Popular Members of Idol Groups"

MBLAQ will participate of LOVE-1 Event

On July 30th will be held at Chiba Port Park, the first japanese K-POP outdoor event "LOVE-1Festval." It will include the participation of 11 popular stars:

KARA, 4minute, Supernova, Kim Hyun Joong, D-NA, ZE:A, Rainbow, Sepreme Team, INFINITE, FT.ISLAND and MBLAQ.

In the event, as well as the artists live and freestyle motocross, the performace of "NANTA" which is gaining popularity in Asia's music scene will also be held.

The event aims to, firstly, give people knowledge about Asian cultures, Korean and that everyone enjoys the event.

Tickets go on general sale on July 17. In addition, the event's official website will be accepting reservations until seven days before.

【MBLAQ Comments】

Hi! It's MBLAQ. Now we will run to Chiba on July 30. We'll join thw first "LOVE-1FESTIVAL" in Chiba. We really hope to show a good performance at the event! We worked hard at it!

Hyun Joong to lauch official fan club site "Henecia"

Kim Hyun Joong's official fanclub "Henecia" will be open on July 11.
The site will be updated with Hyun Joong's activities, news, photos, videos and messages as well.

Here's the link http://www.henecia.com/

You can't access the link for the moment, it'll be open on July 11.

[Video] F(x) for AUCTION's Fitflop Cf revealed!

Check out the AUCTION's Fitflop CF filmed by F(x) below!

CSJH Dana&Sunday "One More Chance" digital single will be release on 11th!

The Digital Single of ‘The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY’ to be Released on the 11th!
The Teaser to be Released on the 6th!

The digital single of ‘The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY,’ which is the unit of a talented female group, The Grace, will be released on the 11th through major music websites such as Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Dosirak, etc.

The new song, ‘One More Chance(나 좀 봐줘)’ is an electronic dance music with highly addictive melody and strong and polished beat. The lyrics is about a true story of single ladies who are living in this generation, so this understandable secret story of women and novelty are good enough to fascinate music fans.

Especially, ‘The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY’ will give a great comeback performance through public TV music programs such as ‘KBS Music Bank (7/8), ‘MBC Show! Music Core (7/9),’ ‘SBS Inkigayo(7/10),’ etc. prior to the release of their new song. Therefore, it is expected to meet charms of ‘The Grace’ who has been much loved by music fans for their powerful singing ability and intense performance.

Furthermore, since the teaser will be released through YouTube SMTOWN channel (www.youtube.com/smtown) and facebook SMTOWN (www.facebook.com/smtown) on July 6th(today), it is predicted to receive more enthusiastic interest for 'The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY.'

Meanwhile, ‘The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY is scheduled to begin performing actively their new song, ‘One More Chance(나 좀 봐줘).’

[Audio] Rainbow sing for "City Hunter" OST!

Check out their new song "You And I" for City Hunter.

[NEWS] 2PM/2AM Upcoming Conert Dates in Japan

2PM's official Japanese site recently updated 2PM's live schedule (including JYP NATION in Japan with 2AM, etc):

Higashinippon Great Earthquake Reconstruction Charity "2011 Shinto Shrine Garden Fireworks Rally"

Date: August 6, 2011
Location: Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium in Tokyo
Starts: 17:30 JST

Performers: 2PM, U-Kiss, Momoiro Clover Z

More details here: http://nikkanhanbai.jp/user/page.php?pageI...859c025f916a1c8

MTV ZUSHI FES 11 supported by RIVIERA

Date: August 12, 2011
Location: Riviera Zushi Marina Special Hall in Kanagawa
Starts: 12:00 JST

Performers: 2PM, AAA, DigiCut, HAN-KUN, Hirai Dai, JAMOSA, Kimaguren, lecca, Sonar Pocket

More details here: http://www.mtvjapan.com/zushifes

JYP NATION in Japan 2011

Date: August 17 & 18, 2011 (2 day concert)
Location: Saitama Arena in Saitama
Starts: 18:00 JST
Tickets: S Area 12800 yen (general) *VIP Area 19800 yen, A Area 6800 yen (balcony)

Performers: J.Y. Park, Lim Jeong Hee, Wonder Girls, JOO, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, San E

More details here: http://eplus.jp/sys/web/irg/jyp2011/index.html

SUNSTAR VO5 presents J-WAVE LIVE 2000+11 ~Heart to Heart~

Date: August 21, 2011
Location: Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo
Starts: 15:30 JST
Ticket Fee: 8000 yen

Performers: 2PM, AI, Kato Miliyah, CHEMISTRY, Shimizu Shota, JUJU

More details here: http://www.j-wave.co.jp/special/live2011/

[Video] GO's "Even In My Dreams" MV unleashed!

MJ will be in Taeyang's heart

A loyal fanboy of MJ, none other than Big Bang's Taeyang! He posted a picture of himself in his twitter lying in MJ's star :)

He tweeted," "MJ you're always in my heart." together with this pic,

Anyway, he's currently taking vacation at the moment ^^

Rain and Rado Tweets regarding G.O's song

Ah!! everyone, our MBLAQ's G.O's "Even In My Dreams" song will be revealed son. Please show Cloud's power hahaha

Vocalist MBLAQ's "Jung G.O"'s song, "Even in My Dreams", which has been written and composed by (G.O) himself has been out! Even writing and composing his own song...Greedy person keke Hwaiting!!

T/N: Rado spaced "Even in My Dreams (Nae ggoomeseorado)" to "Nae goomeseo Rado"


After 4 year long hiatus, popular girl group CSJH from SM Entertainment is scheduled to comeback this July!

After focusing for their individual activities like musicals, wherein Dana cast as Constance in musical "Three Musketeers" and Sunday in "Rock of Age", two members from CSJH will finally begin their activities under CSJH name again!

Unfortunately only members Dana and Sunday from CSJH will be making promotions. The duo will release their comeback single "One More Chance" on July 11.

Many fans are anticipating their comeback after their long hiatus.

[Video] TVXQ new song "I Don't Know" preview!

Here's an aired preview from TVXQ's song "I Don't Know" from their "Superstar" single, which is scheduled to be released on July 20.

Big Bang’s Daesung: Most Discussed Person Online in June

On July 5, the online research marketing platform of SK Marketing and Co., Tillion Panel, released the results of their online analysis for June, which surveyed 6,782 men and women.
According to Newsis, Big Bang‘s Daesung was revealed to have attracted the most discussion for the entire month of June, with 38.5% of the votes.
“Daesung fatal car accident” was the most searched term on the portal sites, referring to the incident that occurred last May 31.
In second place with 14.1% was actor Cha Seung Won, who recently starred as Dok Go Jin in MBC’s popular drama The Greatest Love, along with veteran singer Im Jae Bum, who made headlines for wearing a Nazi uniform during his nationwide tour.
While the results of the survey show just how much of a shock Daesung’s accident was to the Korean public, it also proved the huge popularity of the drama The Greatest Love, with Cha Seung Won and co-star Gong Hyo Jin (6th place with 3.1%) both making it on the list.
Another notable celebrity figure on the list for June is girl group Iris member Lee Eunmi, who was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend on June 19.
Meanwhile, on June 4, without any prior notice, Daesung’s variety show, Night After Night, had its final broadcast earlier this week. The other MCs (Kim Jae Dong, Tak Jae Hoon, Park Myung Soo, Jung Yong Hwa, UEE) did not even get to say their formal goodbyes, and Daesung was (again) completely edited out. SBS has not yet announced which program will fill the empty timeslot.

“Watch Out!!” — ZE:A’s Exciting Comeback

On July 8, rookie idol group ZE:A will be returning with a new single album, Exciting.
The title track, “Watch Out!!” is said to be a complete 180 from their cute and friendly image in “Here I Am” and will showcase the nine members’ upgraded skills in both singing and dancing.
Star Empire Entertainment representatives told reporters, “The members have been practicing day and night for the new album.” Not only that, but the filming for the “Watch Out” MV took over 46 hours!
So far, concept photos (below) and a teaser for “Watch Out!!” has been released. Contrary to the bright and summery album jacket photos of Exciting, the “Watch Out!!” teaser already has fans anticipating the darker, powerful dance track. ZE:A’s comeback performance is set for July 8 on Music Bank!

ZE:A — “Watch Out!!” Teaser
ZE:A — Exciting Tracklist:

1. Intro
            2. Watch Out!!
3. Why?
        4. Heart For 2
ZE:A — Exciting Concept Photos

HyunA – ”Bubble Pop”

4Minute’s HyunA trades in the fierceness of “Change” for a more flirty and sporty look in “Bubble Pop,” off her first solo mini album. “Bubble Pop”  features HyunA doing what she does best, with a cute and sexy choreography full of hip-shaking!  Watch for the dubstep-inspired dance break, and keep an eye out for her on-screen beau — MBLAQ’s Lee Joon!