, ♡ Special K-POP ♡: T-ara debuts to Japan, “The differences between SNSD, Kara and us are…” ,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

T-ara debuts to Japan, “The differences between SNSD, Kara and us are…”

T-ara held a press conference on the 5th at Tokyo Sibuya AX Hall before the showcase. When asked whether they have any pressure because of SNSD, and Kara actively performing in Japan, Soyeon answered, “I learned a lot from them. I received a lot of help since we are so close.”
She continued, “We are planning to study Japanese very hard, and work in all genres.”
Hyomin said, “We are debuting with ‘Bo beep Bo beep’, and our group’s strengths are the unique melodies and each member’s distinct expressions and charms.” “We’ll make the most of what we have, and attract more attention to K-pop, and we are trying to do just that.” showing her confidence.
When asked about Korean girl groups’ debuts to Japan, Soyeon answered, “I don’t think we are preparing anything particular just for Japan. We plan to perform as we did in Korea.” “SNSD, Kara, and 4-minute each have unique features, likewise, we will be focusing on our own unique quality.”
70,000 fans applied to see T-ara’s showcase, recording a competition of 46 to 1.
In the showcase, T-ara will be performing their new song Roly-Poly, and various hit songs: Why are you being like this?, I go crazy because of you, Yayaya, and Bo peep Bo peep.
T-ara ranked the top charts in various music sites in one day, as soon as they released their new song Roly-Poly.