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Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Pledis Summer 2011 Audition

2011 Summer Vacation - - ”HAPPY PLEDIS” AUDITION

Pledis Entertainment the home of Son Dambi, After School, Orange Caramel and the After School Boys (tentative name) will be holding auditions this summer for individuals to be featured in the upcoming “Happy PLEDIS album”.

Schedule/Auditions will take place as follows:

Applications will be received from: Mon, July 18 to Sun, Aug 7
First Announcement of accepted applicants - Tues, August 9
Second round of auditions - Sat, August 13
Second Announcement of accepted applicants - Tues, August 16
Third In-depth audition - Thurs, August 18
Final Announcement with winning candidates - Sat, August 20

Eligibility: Ten to Twenty years of age [Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc …]

Support areas: singing, dancing, acting, and modelling

Profile Requirements: name, age, gender, height, weight, pictures - full length (body) and a Close-up shot

To apply email: happyaudition@pledis.co.kr or www.cyworld.com /happyaudition

[Video] 2PM performed Japanese version of Without You at Hey Hey Hey!


DREAMSTAGE KOREA: GLOBAL AUDITIONS 2011 has partnered up with YouTube to bring you a new series dedicated to discovering international talent. As the first true global K-Pop auditions, Dreamstage Korea will be collaborating with the biggest entertainment companies in Korea.

Dreamstage Korea: Global Auditions will be open to all, regardless of race, gender or age. Those who audition will be required to either sing, rap or dance as a soloist. Each city stop will contain two events- a preliminary round and a final round.

The overwhelming support that entertainment companies have seen from dedicated international fans has moved them to not only participate in these auditions, but also host concerts at every tour stop. Your favourite idol groups will be opening for Dreamstage Korea with full-fledged concerts, making each stop a unique experience for every attendee.The Hallyu Wave has clearly influenced an entire generation of talented individuals who want their turn in the spotlight of the Korean entertainment industry. Each episode of Dreamstage Korea will feature fans from countries all over the world,clamoring for a taste of K-Pop in their hometowns. Venturing into the homes of the most avid K-Pop fans, these auditions will provide an intimate look into how the Hallyu Wave has influenced lives around the world.

Determined by a panel of celebrity judges, two winners from each stop will be flown to Seoul for the live finale and a chance to launch their idol careers. The series, produced in collaboration and partnership with a major broadcasting network in Korea, will have full coverage via YouTube for international readers.

With so many potential cities to visit, only the most vocal fans will earn their spot as a confirmed concert and audition stop in our international tour. Dreamstage Korea: Global Flashmob Day is an event Dreamstage Korea has pioneered to help decide which cities are most deserving of a tour stop. Through these flashmobs, fans will be able to truly showcase how far the Hallyu Wave has spread.

FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/dreamstagekorea
TWITTER PAGE: http://www.twitter.com/dreamstagekorea

BEAST-4Minute-G.Na, On top of the Japanese wave… ‘Concert to be held’

큐브엔터테인먼트 소속 아티스트 비스트와 포미닛, 그리고 지나가 일본 열도 점령에 나선다.

큐브엔터테인먼트는 6일 “오는 8월 25일 일본 도쿄의 무도관에서 포미닛, 비스트, 지나 등 큐브의 전 아티스트가 총 출동하는 패밀리 콘서트 ‘유나이티드 큐브 인 재팬(UNITED CUBE in JAPAN)’을 연다”고 밝혔다.

무 도관에 포미닛, 비스트, 지나가 나란히 입성하게 되는 이번 공연은 큐브의 첫 패밀리 콘서트가 열린다는 소식이 전해지면서 일본 현지 팬들의 요청에 따라 성사됐다. 이 공연에 앞서 8월 14일 서울 잠실운동장 종합경기장에서 ‘유나이티드 큐브 콘서트’를 가질 예정이다.

포미닛은 일본에서 두 차례 단독 콘서트를 갖는 등 두터운 팬 층을 갖고 있는 것으로 알려져 있다. 특히 이들은 ‘음악적으로나 퍼포먼스 면에서 강렬한 색깔을 가진 여성 아티스트의 아이콘’으로 일본 여성 팬들의 지지를 받고 있다.

일 본 데뷔 전부터 1만명 대규모 쇼케이스를 성공적으로 치렀던 비스트는 지난 3월에 일본 데뷔 싱글 ‘쇼크(SHOCK)’로 오리콘 차트 2위에 올랐고, 6월에 발매된 싱글 ‘배드 걸(BAD GIRL)’로도 오리콘 차트 3위를 차지하며 일본 내에서 입지를 다져가고 있다.

현재 진행 중인 비스트의 아시아 팬미팅 투어의 일본 일정은 이러한 인기에 따라 일본 공식 팬클럽 ‘뷰티 재팬’의 창단식을 겸해 열릴 예정이다.

지나 또한 지난 11월 비스트 쇼케이스에 참석, 일본 관객들의 큰 환호를 받으며 진출의 청신호를 확인한 바 있다.

Cube Entertainment stars BEAST and 4Minute, and also G.Na are coming out in the Japanese wave.

Cube Entertainment stated on the 6th "On August 25th 4Minute, BEAST, G.Na, all the artists under Cube will attend the family concert "UNITED CUBE in JAPAN" that will be held in the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan.

The concert at the Budokan in which 4Minute, BEAST, and G.Na are going to attend was requested by the fans in Japan after hearing news about Cube holding their first family concert. Prior to this concert, on August 14th, "UNITED CUBE CONCERT" will be held at the Seoul Jamshil Stadium.

BEAST who held a successful showcase with 10 000 fans even before their debut in Japan, debuted with their single "SHOCK" in March and even achieved 2nd on the Oricon Charts, and their single "BAD GIRL" released in June achieved 3rd on the Oricon Charts, slowly settling in in Japan.

Through BEAST's Asia fanmeeting tour that is currently proceeding, an official Japanese fanclub "B2UTY Japan" may be opened depending on the popularity of the fanmeeting.

G.Na, who participated in BEAST's showcase last November, received loud cheers from the Japanese audience, receiving a green light to advance into Japan.

2NE1 reveals MV teaser for "Hate You"

Miss A's full-length album, Class A, released

miss A's full length album, entitled Class A, was released a few minutes after midnight today, 18 July 2011. The tracklist and links to the different music sites where the album is available for listening and downloading are listed below.

The most of the songs in the album have a modern, jazzy feel to it. Their teaser track, Good-bye Baby, features an infectious beat and smooth vocals. Say As all over the globe excited awaited its release, adding "#missAclass" to their tweets in love and support for the girls.

We have high hopes for this album and the Good-bye Baby MV. Let's support our girls and help them in their climb up the different charts!

1 하나부터 열까지
2 Good-bye Baby
3 Help Me
4 Break It
5 Mr. Johnny
6 그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ
7 Step Up
8 Breathe
9 멍하니
10 다시 사랑
11 Love Alone
12 Bad Girl Good Girl
13 Good-bye Baby (Silver Mix)


[Video] KARA's Go Go Summer MV Close Up Version!