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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2NE1 Releases “I Am The Best” MV!

After a couple last-minute (but not that surprising) delays, YG Entertainment has finally unveiled the MV for 2NE1‘s hottest new single, “I’m The Best” on their official YouTube channel, garnering over half a million views in just a day.
Blackjacks were greeted with yet another gem of a video, with spectacular production and 2NE1′s signature fierceness.
The MV for “I Am The Best” is unlike anything out there — except for, well, 2NE1′s other music videos. Directed by Seo Hyung Seung, who also worked his magic for “Fire,” “Try To Follow Me,” and “Can’t Nobody,” the MV boosts the energetic club track in something with a little more attitude.
Korean media are calling it the most experimental and unconventional 2NE1 music video to date, from the glamorous set props to the intensely stunning visuals.
Bom’s a temptress with a poodle, CL’s in a strait jacket, Minzy’s decked out in chain mail, and Dara’s, well, being Dara — but we’re not all that shocked.
2NE1’s made a rep for themselves as artists who constantly walk the line between mind-blowingly innovative and just plain weird. And there’s definitely a bit of both in this MV. Check it out below!
Whether you think “I Am The Best” is 2NE1’s best single yet or just another 2NE1-flavored track, you can’t deny that no one comes close to pulling off what these four do… At least in K-Pop, anyway.

Even though they pull it off so confidently in the music video and onstage, it seems Dara  felt a little silly after 2NE1′s comeback performance on Inkigayo.
She revealed via Me2Day that she saw her younger brother Thunder (from MBLAQ) the day of recording.
After they both watched the broadcast that night at home, she suddenly became worried.
I always wanted to be the pretty older sister… but my appearance yesterday? (ㅠ_ㅠ ) Dara-gonball… 
(Get it? Like Dragonball Z, because of her Vegeta hair?)
So she asked him if he was embarrassed and he smiled at her with No ^_^”
She bragged that her younger brother was the sweetest, and uploaded a recent polaroid of MBLAQ that he gave to her as a present.
Sigh. They really are the cutest pair of siblings…

2NE1 - I AM THE BEST (내가 제일 잘나가)