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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mighty Mouth’s “Lalala” Is A Summer Fiesta!

Always fresh and stylish, hip-hop duo Mighty Mouth and their Mighty girl, Soya, have returned to the stage for the summer with “Lalala.”
From “Energy” featuring Wonder Girls‘ Sunye to their most recent hit “Tok Tok” with Soya, Mighty Mouth has made a name for themselves with their memorable electronic pop/hip-hop tracks (and hilarious antics on variety shows).
The colorful and refreshing music video for the catchy Latin-inspired single features the goofy-yet-awesome duo of rappers and a bunch of bikini-clad babes hanging out lakeside.
And Soya is looking prettier than ever — with her vocals just as refreshing and sweet as we remember!
Both Shorry J and Sangchu recently made headlines surrounding their appearances in the music video.

 A photo of Shorry J and two ladies featured in the music video, supermodel Kang Suhee and fashion model Park Yoonjung, popped up the day before “Lalala” was revealed.
The photo clearly shows how Shorry J is at least a head shorter than the models in the photo, garnering him the nickname “Little Kid Shorry” — although hasn’t that always been his nickname?
Even in this supposedly embarrassing situation, netizens noticed that Shorry kept a cool, confident expression. They reassured him with comments like, “Musicians only need to be good at music,” and expressed their anticipation for the full video.
But when the MV was finally released, their eyes were immediately drawn to Sangchu instead.
His glorious dive at the 3 minute mark has garnered praise from netizens. I mean, we knew he worked out (there’s a reason why he’s one of the aces on Dream Team Season 2) but that form… Yep, Park Tae Hwan would definitely be proud.
Check out “Lalala” (and Sanchu’s dive) below and let us know what you think! New favorite summer track?

Mighty Mouth — “Lalala (feat. Soya)”

GD&TOP’s Logo Gets A Makeover!

GD&TOP, Big Bang‘s only project group (so far), will be re-releasing their first album next month to commemorate their brand new logo!
YG Entertainment put up a notice today regarding GD&TOP’s new official logo:

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.
Thank you for sending so much love to GD&TOP’s first studio album that was released last year on December 24.

GD&TOP’s bunny-shaped logo, as GD & TOP have mentioned in multiple interviews, was designed for the Zodiac year of the rabbit and used the image of a bunny’s ears with a fist making a V for victory sign, inspired by the Playboy Enterprises International Inc.’s bunny logo.
However, the company did not receive permission from Playboy, who owns the trademark rights to the owner, so the logo is not at all associated with Playboy Inc.
Therefore, due to the resulting confusion and polite requests from Playboy Inc., we have decided to stop using GD&TOP’s bunny logo.

YG Entertainment went on to announce that all albums with the bunny logo will be halted and a “NEW COVER” version (with all the same content) will be released in July.
You can bet that VIPs are already scrambling to buy up the last of the first edition albums with the original logo before they go out of stock forever.
We’re loving the new look and all, but what’s going to happen to GD&TOP’s bling-bling bunny necklaces?!
Which logo do you like better?