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Friday, July 8, 2011

2PM wins Music Bank K-Chart again!

Boyfriend remixes "Boyfriend" on Music bank

Girl's Day's "Hug Me Once" on Music Bank

Rania with "Masquerade" on Music Bank

HITT says "Goodnight" on Music Bank

Block B "Go and Tell" in Music bank

Block B performed "Go and Tell" in Music Bank.

Check out here.

2NE1TV Season 3 Worldwide teaser!

So 2NE1's scope is getting wider! This is an opportunity for international fans to get to know 2NE1 more...

Watch their 2NE1TV WorldWide teaser below:

[Photos] G-Dragon new G-Market Summer Photos!

G-Dragon new Gmarket photos! So refreshing isn't? Get ready for summer!

2PM congratulate ZE:A for their new song release!

Check out the video above as seniors 2PM recorded a video message to congratulate ZE:A on their new song release.

If you have not watched the boys' Watch Out MV,watch it here!

Girls' Generation's 1st Japanese Album Certified Double Platinum

Girls' Generation's successful breakthrough into Japan has culminated in another milestone: their debut Japanese album "Girls' Generation" has been certified double platinum by the RIAJ. The RIAJ, or Recording Industry Association of Japan, recognizes 250,000 copies sold as platinum certification. With the double platinum certification, the "Girls' Generation" album has officially sold over 500,000 copies in just over a month after its June 1 release.

This is the latest indication of the overwhelming success that Girls' Generation has achieved in Japan. On July 6, Tower Records announced that Girls' Generation topped their June chart with their debut album. Last month, Oricon revealed that Girls' Generation had the highest earnings by a foreign artist in Japan for the first half of 2011, as they recorded 2.6 billion yen in total sales.

The strong push into the Japanese market for the first seven months of 2011 will continue with the final performance of the Japan Arena Concert Tour, which will take place in Fukuoka on July 17.

Taeyang with The Underdogs!

Block B's Zico wants to be like G-Dragon

In a recent interview of Pia Magazine to the newcomer Block B, Zico was asked, "Do you think you should be called artists? Or is it idols?"

Zico's exact reply was, "We're idols. I originally wanted to work as a producer or a rapper. But, at my current age, I thought that there was nothing else I could do except being an idol. By gaining experience as an idol, I think it can be useful for becoming a producer later on. My goal is to be like Seo Taiji senior and G-Dragon senior."

It's a known fact that one of those who established popular music in Korea are Seo Taiji and G-Dragon, who lead the hip-hop movement and made it more familiar. It's no surprise that rookie Zico look up to them and let me just say that he made the right choice.

[INFO] SHINee to have special stage in Inkigayo

SHINee’s Almighty Key, Flaming Charisma Minho, and Makdoongi Taemin will have a special stage with f(x) at SBS Inkigayo on 10 July (Sun).


SHINee, a group who made a debut recently with “Replay-you are my everything” and whose popularity is soaring up with their refined sound and captivating dance technique. They are the most competent and anticipated among groups of the same generation, but their unity and good teamwork is another reason they attract people. On the photoshoot, they showed their teamwork.

On the photoshoot for shots with all of the five, Jonghyun led the other four saying “Let’s try a smiling version at first,” “Jump at one, two, three.” During the shooting with two or three of them, Key made an oyaji gag(?): on the camera man’s request, “All with the same [*onaji in Japanese] pose,” Key said “Oyaji pose?”, and it froze everyone still. Taemin was excited like a kid when he floated in the air held up by Onew and Minho. During solo shots, Minho got funny to make Key laugh, and Onew made funny faces, so everyone burst into laughter. Everyone was in a happy mood throughout the photoshoot thanks to the members. When it was finished, they bowed 90 degrees, shouting “Thanks for your hard work!” I think I’ll fall more in love with the five members whose teamwork and manners are perfect!

-Thank you! How was today’s photoshoot?

Onew: (In Japanese) it was great~!
Key: (In Japanese) as for the suits, I thought, “This is Japanese style!” I enjoyed it

Taemin: Me too! Wearing clothes we are not likely to wear usually, I feel I saw a new side of us.
Minho: Eh~ and it’s a style we don’t try often…

Taemin: Don’t copy me (laugh).
Minho: I’m not copying you~

Jonghyun: OK, OK. Why don’t we sum it up like, “The photoshoot was fun, and the suits matched us well, so we had a good photo time”?

-I heard you passed auditions to enter into the entertainment world. What song did you sing in your audition?

Onew: I don’t remember…
Key: Me neither~

Jonghyun: I sang “I believe I can fly”. I thought I should choose a song familiar to everyone. But I haven’t sung it recently, so now I couldn’t sing it well.
Minho: I sang the national anthem. I had to take the audition without preparation. The judges told me, “Then, sing the national anthem.”

Taemin: I sang DBSK sunbae-nim’s “I believe.”
Onew: Ah, vague memories are coming back.

Taemin: I only prepared dance. I didn’t know the audition included a singing part. I was nervous as I had to sing without preparation.
Key: Now I remeber! I also sang a DBSK song! I sang several songs. A Trax sunbaenim song too. “It is raining~♪” Right, right, I recalled it.

Onew: Oh, no. I can’t recall mine. Sorry.

-It’s OK (laugh). Then, what song are you into these days?

Onew: I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson’s often recently. I like quiet songs.
Minho: I also listen to pops. Like Justin Bieber.

Key: Justin Bieber! Oh, you’re cool. I’m listening to Korean girl group f(x)’s Pinocchio. It’s very popular. I also bought a CD.
Taemin: When they are from the same company?

Key: Yes (laugh), I did.
Jonghyun: As for me, Irish music. It’s like English traditional music…don’t you know?

Onew: That’s not a song, but a genre.
Jonghyun: I listen to this or that, so I can’t pick one song. Irish is… I don’t know how to explain the melody.

Key: Irish is like this or that mixed, hard to explain. It’s not new age, nor classical. But it has a distinct color.
Jonghyun: It is often used in a Japanese animation or documentary program… It’s also in the OST for Korean movie Don’t Step Out of the House. Experiencing different kinds of music or performance is nourishing to me. So I try not to have only what I like, but to experience diverse fields.

-I heard you are studying Japanese hard. What Japanese words do you like?

Onew: “mayuge [eyebrow]”. I thought I should memorize it since eyebrow is my charming point.
Jonghyun: “shouganaina [it can't be helped]~” Doesn’t it sound funny?

Minho: “Tensai [genius]”. Sakuragi Hanamichi of Slam Dunk says it several times. (Imitating Sakuragi) “Tensai desukara!”
Key: Minho-goon, sasuga [as expected]~. Ah, “sasuga~” is a Japanese word I like.

Taemin: “sobaniiruyo [I’ll be by your side]”. I listen to J-pop these days, and it was in the lyrics. In addition, what I recently say a lot is “Kore wa nan desuka [What is this in Japanese]?”
Minho: Taemin says it very often really~

Key: In a very slow tempo, “Ko~re~wa na~n de~su~ka [Wha~t i~s thi~s]?”
Taemin: Because I want to know the words from a TV program or (pointing at the table) this or that in Japanese. I want to know everything!

-You are really studying hard! Since you mentioned Taemin’s verbal habit, how about yours?

Key: As for me, I start talking with “ani [nay]~” in Korean. “Ani, it is~” “Ani, I~” It doesn’t mean anything particular… Umm, it’s hard to translate into Japanese~ “Nandaro~” or “Jyanakute~”?
Onew: “ano~”?

Minho: “nanka~”
Key: Yes, it might be close to “nanka”

Onew: I use adverbs like “Neomu [so much]” or “Goengjanghi [greatly]~”
Key: And Onew hyung claps before talking.

Onew: Do I?
Jonghyun: I add, “how to say it,” before a sentence. To explain it easily, I think.

Onew: Suddenly, I am struck by Taemin’s verbal habit. The word he uses often during an interview.
Key: I know what it is. “Now”?

All: Ah~ right.
Key: He repeats “now” several times.

Taemin: “We will now release an album, now as SHINee, now will be back to you, so now support us much!”
Minho: He adds it at every phrase, so it appears more than 4 times (laugh).

Taemin: Ahaha, how about Key hyung? Is there anything else?
Key: Raising the end of sentence and speaking fast, maybe?

Onew: No one here speaks slow. “~kka”, is that your habit?
Minho: How about me? Anything?

Jonghyun: Minho only talks at minimum~ (laugh)
Key: Ah, how about this? “I di~d XX” “It i~s XX”

All: That’s right! He drags the end of sentence!
Taemin: (in a small voice) he can’t pronounce “s” well.

Minho: That’s… not a habit~! (laugh)

MBLAQ's 3rd mini album jacket for "Mona Lisa" revealed!

A group photo of MBLAQ's 3rd mini album revealed!
The jacket photo of "Mona Lisa" is gaining interests for their unique concept featuring legendary icons from the history.

Check this photo.

GDragon, Park Myung Soo and Park Bom to perform at 2NE1's solo concert!

On the 8th, 2NE1′s company YG Entertainment stated, “Gag man Park Myungsoo & Big Bang’s G-Dragon will appear as guests at 2NE1′s first solo concert ‘NOLZA’ on Sunday.”
Park Myungsoo, received the help of several YG producers including G-Dragon, Teddy, and e.knock while preparing for ‘Infinity Challenge’. As if that wasn’t enough, he had also requested for a featuring with 2NE1′s Park Bom. After this, Park Bom came to the Infinity Challenge as a secret guest performance. With this huge support, ‘Having an Affair’ was able to sweep away first place on several online music sites.
Their entertainment company explained, “In order to have some fun with the audience at 2NE1′s first concert, we stated that we wanted to invite Park Myungsoo as a guest, and without hesitation, he had promised to perform.”
Park Myungsoo will not only be singing ‘Having an Affair’ with G-Dragon and Park Bom at the concert, but he will also be singing ‘Cold Noodles’ (one of Park Myungsoo’s last hits) with one of the 2NE1 members.

TVXQ and SNSD released 7 Eleven CF!

Check out the official CFs of TVXQ and SNSD for 7 Eleven,i am pretty sure that the sales of 7 eleven will skyrocket once they started selling the new prodcuts!

[NEWS/INFO] Girl group 4minute to be featured in online game 'Freestyle'

The popular girl group 4minute will make an appearance in the online basketball game 'Freestyle'.

JCE concluded a license deal with the 5-member girl group 4minute and picked them as their new advertisement models for 'Freestyle'. The company also revealed that it plans to develop their various star marketing projects from now on. Hereby, 4minute is the fifth girl group to become characters for the online game. JCE's previous advertisement models were the Wonder Girls in 2008, Kara in 2009, f(x) in 2010 and T-Ara in March 2011.

JCE and 4minute's agency reportedly already signed the modeling contract. This time, 4minute is expected to hold promotion activities as 'Freestyle''s models starting from the end of July and the 5 members will, of course, make an appearance each as their very own character.

4minute, signed under CUBE Entertainment, debuted in 2009 with their digital single 'Hot Issue'. Back then, they showcased a powerful dance routine accompanied by an addictive melody and rose as the "blue chip" of the music industry. They released hits such as 'HUH' and 'Mirror, Mirror' afterwards. 4minute is currently a girl group gaining much popularity.

A JCE representative stated "We're very pleased to get to show 4minute as 'Freestyle' characters while the group is currently becoming very popular and gaining much attention" and "With their distinctive tonic overflowing energy, we expect them to bring more vitality on 'Freestyle'. Henceforth, we want you to look forward to the diverse marketing projects that we have with 4minute and to the events that are to be scheduled."

In the meantime, last July 4th, 4minute recorded a CF for 'Freestyle' in a studio located in Gyeonggi and in another location near the Han River in Apgujeong, Seoul. They also shot their pictorial and their still photo shoot on the same day. The group is expected to release a new song through 'Freestyle' in July.

Taeyang solo debut in America?

Taeyang recently posted on Twitter that he's working with the famous American producers, The Underdogs. He tweeted: "Today i'm starting my session with the underdogs :) it's gonna be awesome!" [sic]

Right after, Taeyang retweeted a post by Harvey Mason Jr (of The Underdogs) saying: "Creating today for the artist @Realtaeyang. Wish us luck." [sic]

The standard of music by The Underdogs can be described as world-class, as they have worked with stars like Beyonce, Chris Brown, Babyface, 2Pac and Omarion.

Due to the news of the collaboration, Korean fans got excited thinking that Taeyang is preparing for his American debut.

However, according to YG Entertainment's representative: "Nothing has been said regarding his advancement in America. Taeyang just wants to complete his usual tasks so he contacted the producers."

Regarding the news about YGE holding a concert in Europe, the representative said that no plans have been made, but since they are receiving a lot of requests, they will reassess.

CNBLUE places No. 5 on Gaon Album Chart for the first half of 2011

On July 7th, Gaon Chart released the album sales figures for the First Half of 2011.
Results showed that DBSK placed first with over 230,000 in total sales.
While CNBLUE “First Step” grabbed fifth place with sales over 93,000 albums in total sales.
CNBLUE “First Step +1 Thank You” album that was dedicated to Boice sold over 28,000 and places on No. 18.
CNBLUE Mini Album that were released last year ;“Bluelove” placed on No 26 with over 20,000 total album sales and “Bluetory” placed on No 41 with over 15,000 total album sales alone this year.
Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking for the First Half of 2011

B1A4's Sandeul: "I did not have plastic surgery"

Idol group B1A4 member Sandeul rejected rumors of possible plastic surgery that was spreading between fans.

In one online community site, there was an article that involved Sandeul stating, "B1A4 Sandeul, In 2 years a 3rd degree change in external features?" including information from his past to his present self and caused a rising of suspicion from lies and also received doubts in that he even had plastic surgery.

Sandeul, who has transformed into a pretty boy appearance, had short hair and wore thick glasses. Another picture was of Sandeul in a school uniform with messy hair and was chubbier than his present appearance.

Sandeul spoke in a recent radio station saying, "I only took off my glasses and lost some weight but hearing rumors of me getting plastic surgery makes me sad," and "I still wear those glasses at home. But if I wear those glasses, my eyes turn small like buttons."

His company, WM Entertainment, also explained, "While getting ready for their debut, all the members were not only involved deeply into their music but wanted to show a cool image and reputation. So, they went on diets and did a lot of styling."

B1A4 debuted with "O.K." and currently is now promoting "Only Learned Bad Things" while showing off their smooth image.



[News] [PyeongChang Celebration] U-Know Yunho, “My Heart Is Filled To The Brim With Joy!”

Hello. This is TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho.
The dream of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, one that the entire nation has yearned for till now, has finally come true and my heart is filled to the brim with joy as a citizen of the Republic of Korea. I believe that the night’s success was possible because of the sweat and passion of all those who worked hard to make the event happen, as well as the strong support from the people of the nation.
Through the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, I expect to see Korea’s status in the world rise even higher than before, and I hope many people take interest in winter sports that have not been receiving much attention in the past. Good luck to all our athletes, and I hope you show everyone the power of Korea at PyeongChang in 2018!

[Video] HITT released debut MV Goodnight!

[Me2Day] DARA: "Dancing in the dark.. oh.. oh my god!"

오늘은 스케줄이 없어서 각자 개인 연습을 한거같은데 연습실에서 우연히 만난 모 멤바..ㅋㅋㅋ어둠속에서 춤을..오..오마이갓!!!완전 멋잇네!!! 발이 안보여요!발이! 0.0 우와 저 야광 날개운동화를 신고 열정적으로 춤추는 소녀!열정 그 하나로 올인!ㅋㅋㅋ뒈에~박!!!

Since today we had no schedule, we were going to go and practice our own things, but I encountered a member by chance at the practice studio.. ke ke ke Dancing in the dark.. oh.. oh my god!!! It looks so cool!! You can't see their feet! Their feet! 0.0 This girl dancing passionately while wearing trainers with glow-in-the-dark wings on them! Passion, with that, all in! Ke ke ke Daeee~bak!!!

TAGS: 내일 아디다스 파티 오시는분들! 열정적인 공연 같이 즐겨요!^.^
TAGS: To those who will be coming to the Adidas party tomorrow! Let's enjoy a passionate performance together! ^.^

ZE:A's Watch Out Lyrics!

For you to sing along~~~

Watch Out - Korean, Romanized, English Translations


얼굴이 빨갛다고 웃지는 마.
가슴은 이미 터질것 같지만,
용기가 좀 모자라서, 맘을 숨기는것 뿐이야.

Baby baby baby baby, 꿈에서나 봤던,
Lady lady lady lady 라라라라라라
더는 감출 수 없어, 이젠 너에게 달려가.

Watch out, 너만보는 한 남자가 있어.
Watch out, 사랑때문에 모두 다 걸었어.
Got ya, 점점 타오르는 불처럼,
뜨겁게 내맘을 모두 고백할거야.

Come on come on come on come on, everyone
더이상은 니 마음을 숨기지는 마.
Come on come on come on come on, only one
거짓말이 아냐, 이게 내마음이야.
Come on come on come on come on, number one
You're the only one, 내겐, number one, fly
My true love, like this

살다보니 이런일이, 한번보니 샤랄랄라.
사람들이 모두다 너만봐, 어쩌면 좋아.
자 너도나도 시선집중, 이 여자 너무너무 예뻐요.
남의 눈치 신경꺼요, 나만의 날개없는 천사.

Baby baby baby baby 꿈에서나 봤던,
Honey honey honey honey 라라라라라라
자신있게 다가가, 널 꼭안고 외치는 말.

Watch out, 너만보는 한 남자가 있어.
Watch out, 사랑때문에 모두 다 걸었어.
Got ya, 점점 타오르는 불처럼,
뜨겁게 내맘을 모두 고백할거야.

그저 달콤한 솜사탕이 아니야.
나의 심장이 두근대는 운명의 사랑이야.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Watch out, 너와 단둘이서 Party tonight.
Watch out, 사랑하는 니 남자가 왔어.
Got ya, 점점 커져가는 꿈처럼,
영원히, 영원히 너만 사랑할거야.

Come on come on come on come on, everyone
더이상은 니 마음을 숨기지는 마.
Come on come on come on come on, only one
거짓말이 아냐, 이게 내마음이야.
Come on come on come on come on, number one
You're the only one, 내겐, number one


To be updated

English Translated:

My face is red, don't laugh
Even though I feel like my heart is going to explode
But because I don't have confidence, I can only hide my heart

Baby baby baby baby, you who came out from a dream
Lady lady lady lady la la la la la la
I can't hide it anymore, I will now run to you

Watch out, there's a man who only looks at you
Watch out, I staked my all because of love
Got ya, just like the gradually blazing fire,
My burning heart, I'm going to confess it all to you

Come on come on come on come on, everyone
Don't hide your heart anymore
Come on come on come on come on, only one
It's not a lie, this is my heart
Come on come on come on come on, number one
You're the only one, to me, number one, fly
My true love, like this

As I live, such things, as i see it, shalallalla
Everyone's only looking at me, perhaps I love it
Now you and me, pay close attention, this woman is so so pretty
Don't mind other people's stares, my angel without wings

Baby baby baby baby, you who came out from a dream
Honey honey honey honey la la la la la la
Going closer confidently, I'll hug you tight and shout these words

Watch out, there's a man who only looks at you
Watch out, I staked my all because of love
Got ya, just like the gradually blazing fire,
My burning heart, I'm going to confess it all to you

I'm not just a sweet cotton candy
My heart is beating, it's a fated love
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Watch out, there's a man who only looks at you
Watch out, I staked my all because of love
Got ya, just like the gradually blazing fire,
My burning heart, I'm going to confess it all to you

Watch out, just you and me, party tonight
Watch out, a man who loves you has come
Got ya, just like a gradually growing dream,
Forever forever, I'll only love you

Come on come on come on come on, everyone
Don't hide your heart anymore
Come on come on come on come on, only one
It's not a lie, this is my heart
Come on come on come on come on, number one
You're the only one, to me, number one
Watch out!

ZE:A "Watch Out" MV unleashed!

[Twitter] 110707 FTisland Twitter updates


skullhong 내가 지금 상태가 메롱이라 그런진 몰라도 요즘 준비해야할무대들이 많아서 그 순간이 힘든데 모든게 끝나고 난뒤에 쾌락이 너무좋다 ftisland사랑해

Translation: Seems that my condition now is bad, as there are many stages to prepare lately. Feeling tough at that particular moment but it’s really good to feel the happiness after completing all these. FTIsland, I love you.

skullhong 한국도 일본도 다 매진이네^^ 크기와상관없이 우리 즐기고 느끼자!!!요즘 우리아가들 너무이쁘다

Translation: (Concert tickets for) Korea and Japan were all sold out^^ The scale doesn’t matter. Let’s just enjoy!!! Lately, our dearies are very pretty.

skullhong 후…

Translation: Hu…

saico011 켁 나 죽네

Translation: Keke! I’m doomed.

chungxuan 여러분…감기조심합시다!여름감기가무서워~

Translation: Everyone… Be careful not to catch a cold! The summer flu is scary~

New SNSD's Daum CF!

SNSD is everywhere at the railway stations in Korea,check out their new CF for Daum here:

Official SNSD's 7 Eleven wallpaper!

SNSD have been selected as the models of 7 eleven together with TVXQ.

Here is the official promotional photo of SNSD for 7 eleven,make it your PC's wallpaper if possible ^ ^