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Friday, July 8, 2011

[NEWS/INFO] Girl group 4minute to be featured in online game 'Freestyle'

The popular girl group 4minute will make an appearance in the online basketball game 'Freestyle'.

JCE concluded a license deal with the 5-member girl group 4minute and picked them as their new advertisement models for 'Freestyle'. The company also revealed that it plans to develop their various star marketing projects from now on. Hereby, 4minute is the fifth girl group to become characters for the online game. JCE's previous advertisement models were the Wonder Girls in 2008, Kara in 2009, f(x) in 2010 and T-Ara in March 2011.

JCE and 4minute's agency reportedly already signed the modeling contract. This time, 4minute is expected to hold promotion activities as 'Freestyle''s models starting from the end of July and the 5 members will, of course, make an appearance each as their very own character.

4minute, signed under CUBE Entertainment, debuted in 2009 with their digital single 'Hot Issue'. Back then, they showcased a powerful dance routine accompanied by an addictive melody and rose as the "blue chip" of the music industry. They released hits such as 'HUH' and 'Mirror, Mirror' afterwards. 4minute is currently a girl group gaining much popularity.

A JCE representative stated "We're very pleased to get to show 4minute as 'Freestyle' characters while the group is currently becoming very popular and gaining much attention" and "With their distinctive tonic overflowing energy, we expect them to bring more vitality on 'Freestyle'. Henceforth, we want you to look forward to the diverse marketing projects that we have with 4minute and to the events that are to be scheduled."

In the meantime, last July 4th, 4minute recorded a CF for 'Freestyle' in a studio located in Gyeonggi and in another location near the Han River in Apgujeong, Seoul. They also shot their pictorial and their still photo shoot on the same day. The group is expected to release a new song through 'Freestyle' in July.