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Monday, July 11, 2011

[NEWS]'Daesung, Don't cry!' British fans sang to encourage Daesung

'Daesung, Don't cry!'

In London of Britain, there was a song sung to Daesung, the member of Big Bang, in view of encouraging him.

In order to make an apeal to YGE for organizing conerts in Britain, a series of flash mobs were carried out on 9th, 3pm (International time). It was done in Trafalgar Square of London (in front of the National Gallery) , on Golden Jubilee Bridges(above River Thames) and in front of the London Eye. And a parade which was about 1.6 km long had been marching near the Korea Embassy in Britain and the landmarks.

On their chest and back and also on their bags, papers on which the faces of Big Bang and 2NE1 members, YG Entertainment's president Yang Hyun Suk are printed can be found. There were about 300 fans of differecnt races atteneded the event. They were also holding placards with words like, 'Bring YG to the UK' and 'YG is the best' , 'I love you' and ' YG is cool' (all were written in Korean) The lollipop candies of 2NE1 were also brought by the fans to the venues.

'Bring YG to the UK' event was initated during 'Thames Festival'. The event aims at persuading the South Korean artists of YGE tocarry out concerts in Britain. The participants who took a leading role in organzing this event were mostly teeagers in their 10's and they care about their idols just like how the fans of South Korea do. Through this event, we can see how passionate British fans are.

The fans first danced according to the songs of Big Bang and 2NE1, 'Fire', 'High High', 'I don't care', 'Love Song' 'Clap your hands' as their warm-up exercises. They then did the event in the centre of the square during the exciting festival. The most impressive part was when the fans sang for Daesung in order to encourage this singer of YGE. The melody of this powerful yet sweet song was played at the scene suddenly.

Later, a A4 paper with the lyrics of the song has been shared by the fans. After receiving the paper, the fans began to sing. The song, 'Baby Don't Cry' belongs to the member, Daesung whose activities have been suspended due to his involvement in a traffic accident so the fans sang to express their concerns to him. At the end of the song, the fans said, 'Daesung, Fighting!', 'Daesung, I love you!', and 'Daesung, Don't Cry!' etc, loudly.

After the event, the sub coordinator of this event, the person in charge of Big Bang UK fan club said, ' the people who came were full of energy and even though the number of people was not as high as expected.Those who came showed true passion-and that the best moment was singing for Daesung.'

In the event, , 'Lollipop (2NE1 & Big Bang)', 'Fire' (2NE1), 'HOT "(a one-time),' Strong Baby '(Seungri),' Clap Your Hands '(2NE1),' Better Together "(Seven), 'Tonight' (Big Bang), 'Love Song' (Big Bang), 'Baby Don't Cry' (Dae Sung), 'Wedding Dress English version' (Taeyang), 'I Don't Care' (2NE1) , 'I'm Having an affair' (GG), 'Last Farewell' ( Big Bang), 'Digital Bounce' (Seven), 'HIGH HIGH' (G-Dragon-Top), 'Can 't Nobody English version ' (2NE1), 'I Am The Best' (2NE1),and other hit songs of YG artists were sung.