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Sunday, June 26, 2011

T-ara Goes Retro For “Roly Poly!“

T-ara will be making their comeback on July 1st with their new album, John Travolta Wannabe.
Why John Travolta, you ask?
Well, their upcoming title track “Roly Poly” is said to have been inspired by Korea’s 7080 glory period of disco and is hugely influenced by Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever.
Core Contents Media has released the music video teaser and album concept images, and it’s clear that these girls are taking bokko (Korean for retro) to a new extreme. It’s like 7080 overload!
The music video will star actress Im Ye Jin and T-ara’s Boram’s father Jeon Youngrok, who were two of Korea’s hottest teen stars back in the 70s. It will be their first time working together after 30 years!
In the “Roly Poly” teaser video, T-ara gives us a glimpse of the choreography, which features old-school dances like the hustle, the diamond, and the ABC. It’s anticipated to be a huge hit — a nationally-popular song that anyone from their 20s to their 50s can enjoy.

Check it out:

 T-ara — “Roly Poly” MV Teaser

T-ara — John Travolta Wannabe Album Concept Photos