, ♡ Special K-POP ♡: B1A4 & Block B Face Off in MTV’s Match Up! ,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

B1A4 & Block B Face Off in MTV’s Match Up!

Starting June 22, MTV Korea will be airing a new idol reality show, “Match Up,” starring this year’s hottest rookies, the lovable boys of B1A4 and the charismatic guys of Block B.
The format of the show will allow both groups to show off their musical talents and unseen charms through weekly missions and behind-the-scenes footage of their daily lives as newcomers to the K-pop scene.
After a strong debut with “Freeze” and “Wanna B,” the seven members of Block B, formed under the watchful guidance of Cho PD, are currently preparing for their first mini album, set for a June 23rd release.
Meanwhile, B1A4, who received lots of attention for their energetic performances of “O.K” will begin promoting their follow-up single, “Only Learned the Bad Things” this week.
Eight whole episodes following around two of K-pop’s most talented rookie groups to their rehearsals, photo shoots, and MV filming… Will you be tuning in? (We know we will!)
More importantly, who are you more excited to see — B1A4 or Block B?

` Watch the teaser below, which gives us a first look at just how different these two groups are ` --) So, I'll give you the link ! :)
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