, ♡ Special K-POP ♡: Krystal looks more like Yoona as she grows up! ,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Krystal looks more like Yoona as she grows up!

Yoona of SNSD and Krystal of f(x) became the doppelganger stars.
‘Doppelganger’ is used to describe the sensation of having seen a reflection of oneself, but on the Internet, it is used to describe celebrities who look alike.
They are called doppelgangers due to their slim bodies, and similar appearance. Back in January, when Yoona look-alike Japanese model Mona created a stir, some people asserted, “Krystal looks more like Yoona than Mona”
Many people said that Krystal looked more like Yoona than her biological sister Jessica of SNSD since her debut. Moreover, they also say that Krystal, who is four years younger than Yoona, seems to be resembling Yoona more as she grows up.
This being so, many people are posting about Yoona and Krystal’s similar appearance on various Internet community forums. Overwhelming views state that Krystal, who is currently performing with f(x)’s first official album ‘Hot Summer’, looks more like Yoona than ever before.
Actually, Krystal had been cast in a musical drama in place of Yoona. Appearing in musical drama Melody June of last year, Krystal publicly apologized to Yoona because she was most likely to be cast for the musical drama.
But Krystal was cast because Yoona couldn’t take the role. When Krystal found this out during the shooting, she publicly apologized to Yoona because Krystal not only got the role Yoona was supposed to play, but also received much love from her fans.