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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BoA Overseas: Leader Of A New Global Girl Group?!

When SM Town Live in Paris rolled around earlier this month, BoA fans were sorry to hear that she’d be absent from the concert due to the filming schedule for her Hollywood debut, Cobu 3D.
Well, turns out she’s been busy with another major project in the making. A photo of BoA posing alongside five sexy femme fatales has been circulating online, and the six women have been dubbed the world’s next global girl group.
Okay, fine, not really. In actuality, the photo was taken on the set of Cobu 3D, but fans were amused by the thought of BoA joining an international girl group. Netizens remarked that if it was a real girl group, BoA would definitely be the leader — just look at her, shining with charisma, front and center! Comments included “She’s got the leader pose, even when she’s sitting” and “She’s the most eye-catching of the group.”

BoA also made some headlines when a photo of her smooching co-star Derek Hough (of Dancing With The Stars fame) surfaced.
Rumors that the two were dating were immediately squashed by both parties, because duh, it was a scene from the movie, but the steamy photo has made anticipation for Cobu 3D that much higher.
Unfortunately, the movie’s release is set for sometime in 2012, so who knows when that will be… Filming has been completed though, as BoA revealed on her Twitter that she was back home in Korea on June 27.
Cobu 3D is a dance movie (a la Step Up and Save the Last Dance) about two star-crossed lover-dancers caught in the crossfire between their rivaling brothers’ underground dance clubs.
The film stars BoA, Derek Hough, and American actors Wesley Jonathan (What I Like About You) and Miki Ishikawa.
[Bonus: TVXQ's Yunho was also spotted filming for the movie, so expect a special appearance!]